How to Make Money by Betting Online

How to Make Money by Betting Online

The space for online betting games has recently seen a sharp rise. With the current scenario in mind, the prospect of online gambling has increased as the laws and stigma surrounding it evolve in our country. If you want to get into this vibrant space to place your stakes, now’s the right time to do so!

However, you must be wondering – how do I make money by betting online? We have concocted a guide to making money via betting online to answer this question. We’ll be discussing the types of games you can play, how to invest your money, how you can choose good betting sites, tips for beginners, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

The First Step – Knowing Your Games

Like any other form of online entertainment, online betting has its type. The two main types of games in online betting are:

Games of Chance: These are games that you play against the house, or in this case, your online forum regulator. Famous examples of games of chance are Poker, Roulette, Lotteries, etc. Games of Skill: A game of skill is a game you play against another player. These games usually involve staking money in a shared pool to place a bet against other players. A real example of a game of skill is an online sports bet.

Thus, when you enter the world of online gambling, you can choose your poison. You can check our website for a more detailed brief on the types of games available and their unique features!

Choosing a Site and Getting Started

Choosing a site and setting up an account are essential. When selecting a site, there are various factors you have to consider:

The credibility of the betting site plays a huge role. Selecting credible betting sites can protect you from fraud. All betting sites listed on this site, are safe as they have been tried and tested by us. Another essential factor you must remember while choosing a betting site is the customer support they offer. A legitimate betting site always offers ample customer support and can help you around the clock. Bonuses and promotions available on betting sites make a huge difference. Sites offering realistic bonuses are the best ones to go for. These bonuses are usually known as cash or percentage bonuses up to 100%.

However, apart from the three reasons we have mentioned, your choice of betting sites will depend on the game you want to play and several other factors. For more knowledge on selecting a good site, you can check out our list of top betting sites online!

How to Win and Make Yourself Money?

Since we have all the essentials sorted now, let’s move on to the fundamental question – how to make money via betting online?

1. Choose a Game

When betting online, choosing the game you want to play is crucial. Thus, at this point, you must ask yourself – am I better at games of chance? Do I like playing poker, roulette, or blackjack? Or do you prefer games of skill like sports betting games based on IPL, FIFA, UCL, etc…?

Choosing a game creates a base of confidence. You wouldn’t need to venture into unfamiliar territory. We recommend you go for a game you have played, online or in real life. The benefit is that you’re aware of the rules, the teams involved, etc. It automatically puts the odds in favour of your stake!

2. Research

Research is essential. When we say research, we imply the following factors:

Research the game that you want to play and different betting sites that offer the game. Other sites have different game rules. Thus, researching ahead can help you understand which type of rules you’re comfortable with. Research the offers available on the sites that provide the game you like. Statistics are vital. Researching previous game stats can give you a brief idea of the odds, the game’s potential, bookmaker offers, and much more.

Research is the best strategy for games of skill and games of chance. Knowing your game and the statistics involved gives you a better chance to win your wagers.

3. Think it Through

It is one of the significant elements when you want to win money. Getting your emotions involved in betting is the wrong choice to make. Logic and reasoning are your best friends when the stakes are high at the table. Thus, we recommend you take an unbiased and calculated approach to placing wagers. It helps ensure better earnings for you!

4. Set Out Budget

Making money via betting is easy and most definitely possible. It is also a reason for gambling being an addictive sport. Thus, setting out a budget limit for yourself helps you adopt a cautionary approach. For beginners, our advice is to start with a low sum of money. The reason for this is that the world of online betting is exciting. However, placing a large sum of cash might hurt your financials if you lose a bet. Thus, starting with minimum amounts will help you get accustomed to the betting game you’re playing. Once you’re familiar with the playing field, the sky’s the limit!

5. Use Bonuses

Bonuses are a boon for the online betting world. Using bonuses to your advantage can help you increase your earnings magnanimously. Look out for different kinds of betting offers, for example. Free bet, cash bonuses, express bets, signup bonuses, seasonal game bonuses, etc. Using bonuses helps you invest lesser money while maximising your returns! You can check out our guide on different betting offers to know more!

These are the basics for winning money via online wagers. However, when gambling, you must go in prepared to do the show. That’s why we have prepared a list of the top tips for beginners to follow!

Tips for Beginners

The top tips for beginners when betting online are:

Before you start betting online, you have to make yourself comfortable with the concept of losing. Our tip to beginners is to play with fake money before investing real money. In offline and online gambling, chasing losses is the worst decision anyone can make. Thus, whether it’s a game of skill or chance, getting accustomed to losses will help you in the long run. When selecting a site, we recommend you go for something tried and tested, you can be assured that any casino listed by us is a safe choice. Several sites defraud their customers or delay payments for weeks or more. Thus, joining a site with a good reputation for processing timely payments is advisable. Table games reduce the house’s edge by a considerable margin. That’s why games like poker are preferable for beginners. You get an opportunity to make the most money out of such games. The most important tip for a beginner is – you should join multiple betting sites. However, going overboard isn’t recommended either. Joining 2-3 sites is more than sufficient. Being on numerous sites opens up a variety and options for you. You get options between games, casinos, and offers while placing stakes. When betting in India, we recommend choosing a site that only accepts credible payment gateways. Examples of reasonable payment options are UPI, Netbanking, Debit and Credit cards, etc. Sign up to online forums that teach you strategy. Online betting also involves playing the correct odds and the right strategies. Increasing your knowledge regarding strategy can help you improve your profits and minimise your losses!

Making money via online gambling is becoming increasingly possible each passing day. To successfully make money and walk away as a winner, you’ll need to know when to start and stop, what strategies to use, and how to make the most of opportunities. If you still feel shaky about the entire process, feel free to read up on our other guides on betting sites, game offers and styles, etc. Get yourself prepared and place your stakes to win!


1. How much money should I invest on the first go?

Since different people have varying financial capacities, we cannot recommend a single amount. It depends upon your risk-taking potential. That’s why, as a rule of thumb, we suggest you ask yourself – how much money am I comfortable with losing? – while starting.

2. Is it necessary to play only table games in my first shot?

No. While table games may be a good way for beginners, if you have a knack for other games like sports betting, you should start with that option. This is because knowing the rules of the game gives you a more significant advantage.

3. Can I start online betting on my phone?

Yes. You can start placing wagers online even if you’re on your phone. You’ll just need a good internet connection. Most online betting sites have their apps or support mobile browsers to make the customer experience seamless.

Author: Russell Henderson