Online football betting is growing in India

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Football betting is turning out to be the most prospective way of earning money online and is gaining popularity next to cricket betting. In a country like India, Football is not just a game but is a religion. Also, Indian football enthusiasts love to bet on the sport over the internet. To yield to their desires, several European sports betting websites are offering the Indian Football Superleague games as part of their betting product.

A vast majority of the online betting companies offer football betting markets from the USA, Japan, China, and Uruguay football league matches, and you can now place your bets on the Spanish league games, English premier league games, Indian Superleague games, and several other sports leagues from all around the world. Thus, you can now bet online on a range of domestic, global, and regional football games, and there is absolutely no short of the betting process online.

Football Betting Strategy And Popular Matches To Bet On

One proven strategy to win over football bets is to bet on the best odds. These odds differ from one site to another, and it is always better to have many betting accounts and place the bet with the site that offers the highest odds for a particular selection.

The best way to beat football betting is to shop around small markets and pick the soft lines required to win the bet. But the smaller the market, the lower will be the betting limits. If you are planning to become a large bettor or are, leverage on UK bookmakers, as they are friendly and inviting for Indians.

Some tips to bet with strategy and to make it big at the football leagues betting are as follows.

Do your research and find the best leagues to bet on. Remember that while betting smaller leagues, such as the I-league, you end up gaining tremendous value. The major leagues, such as the English premier league, are always full and are tough to get an edge with the bookmaker. But the leagues that happen in countries where football is not a major game turn out to be a jackpot. Research on the past trends on how the goals were conceded. Study the total goals market and understand if there will be any correlation for your current bet. Read the match reports of the past games to gain a better insight into the teams before betting. Research deep into the game to find the best bet. Examine the football markets available and the offers by the bookmakers before leveraging on the best bet. It is better to avoid cup games, as they are full of surprises. Learn the starting eleven for each team before keeping bets, as these games are unpredictable and can incur losses for the better.

The popular football matches to bet on are the English premier league, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie, Indian super league, French League 1, Major league soccer, Chinese super league, etc.

Different Types Of Betting In Football

Futures betting

Here, you bet on something that is going to happen in the future. For eg, betting on the team that will win the title at the end of the season. These bets are available for most seasons and are competitively priced.

Betting on the match

This is a common betting practice where the bet is placed on teams that will win the match. It is possible to bet on a team or to bet for a draw as well.


This type of betting doesn’t depend on the result of the game but is focused on the props, such as betting on the man of the match, betting if a player makes a goal or not, etc.


When the sportsbook sets a total number of goals to be scored, you get to bet over or under this number.

Making Deposits And Withdrawing Money From The Betting Websites

It is a good practice to use e-wallets to deposit and withdraw money from online betting websites. E-wallets function as online bank accounts and can be funded through a debit card or electronic fund transfer systems. If you make the win, you can cash out the funds from the betting sites back to your bank account through the same E-wallets.

Many E-wallets are regulated in the UK, accept the Indian currency, and have millions of customers worldwide. All the deposits and the transactions will be named against these e-wallets and keep the transactions secure and safe.

Bottom Line

The football betting sites in India are extremely user-friendly and are great for beginners. They offer a great selection of odds on many games apart from football and accept different deposits types. Apart from an adrenaline-rushing passive sport, football betting also holds tremendous avenues to earn a lot of money in the short term.

Author: Russell Henderson